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             Brain disorders & diseases are like silent dangers as it’s creeping in secretly and when you know it, t’s already too late; however, nowadays, advanced medical technology and specialties have made it more effective for prevention and treatment.

             Our Brain and nervous system are very important for our whole body to function properly.  They are like our body headquarters which control our whole body.  If there is a malfunction of our brain or nervous system, it may be the cause of many diseases or disorders in our body, for example; sleeping problems, weakness limb, paresis and paralysis, or disabilities to the body. It may even kill you or make you like a sleeping beauty from stroke which can cause your hands or legs to be paralyse

             Therefore, patients with brain abnormalities need to be diagnosed accurately and provided with the right and effective treatment with the recovery of the nervous system and the prevention of recurrence and finally help the patents to return to live a normal life.

             Brain & Neurology Clinic of Bangkok Hospital Udon, is ready to provide diagnosis, treatment and comprehensive care by multidisciplinary teams of qualified medical specialists and experienced & specialist  physicians  with modern medical diagnostic equipment and devices.  

             For emergency care, patients can be transferred for rehabilitation and treatment by neurosurgeon immediately.   In addition, we also have a stroke Pathway to reduce the risk of permanent disability and ensure that all patents are treated promptly and fully.


Brain and nervous system common diseases:

·      Headaches and migraines

·      Dizziness.

·      Paresis from stroke

·      Epilepsy

·      Abnormal movements and Parkinson

·      Burning pain from neuropathy

·      Sleep disorders

·      Muscular diseases such as myositis or muscle weakness.

·      Dementia

·      Nerve disease such as numbness.

·      Multiple sclerosis

Brain Surgery

·      Brain Tumor Surgery

·      Head injury from accidents

·      Minimal invasive brain surgery with microscopic & navigator technique.

·      Stroke such as cerebral aneurysm and arteriovenous malformation.

·      Neurological surgery in children

·       Ventricular drainage surgery in hydrocephalus.

·      Transient Ventricular drainage surgery.

Spine Surgery

·      Minimal invasive spine surgery

·      Spinal stenosis and herniated intervertebral disk surgery.

·      Spinal fusion surgery

·      Minimal invasive pedicle screw fixation

·      Spinal cord tumor surgery

·      Spinal cord injury surgery.

             The modern medical equipment helps in accurate diagnosis; as a result, the treatment is more effective. Here are some of our diagnostic testing, surgery & treatment with modern medical equipment:

·      Computerized Tomography Scan ( CT Scan)

·      Magnetic Resonance Imaging ( MRI)

·      Carotid Doppler Ultrasound

·      Electroencephalogram: EEG

·      Electromyography : EMG

·      Nerve Conduction Study: NCS

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